4.5 out of 5.0 stars

We’ve seen so many local breweries take the successful leap into providing great food along with their great beers.  What about great food at a liquor store?

The answer is Yes!  Who could pull this off?  How about Surdyk’s, the iconic Northeast Minneapolis liquor store.  They built a pretty cool bar/restaurant in the corner of their liquor store.  Their menu consists of dishes like roasted halibut and butter poached mussels.  The menu item I was most interested in, as you might imagine, was the Cheeseburger.

Are you tired of the double smashburger yet?  Me neither.  Two thin @petersoncraftmeats patties with a nice char and as juicy as you can get for this thin of a patty.  American cheese is always a great melting cheese option.  Chopped red onions, and plenty of them, are added on top with a pretty flavorful dijonnaise.  Thin sliced pickles do it for me. The nicely toasted bun from Rose Street Patisserie is a good one.  I would like to see the patties “beefed” up just a little bit in size.

This Sidebar at Surdyks Cheeseburger is getting some well deserved attention.  It’s a good one!  It should be added to your double smashburger hit list.