4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Twin Cities Burger Nights take @shawnsrodgers , @phatphood & myself all over the Twin Cities Metro Area.  But, sometimes we hear about places outside of the Metro area.  Does that stop us?  Not a chance!  We are in Rogers, which is only 15 minutes or so from Maple Grove, which is still considered the Metro.  It’s all good!

One thing that #TCBN allows me to do is try some burgers other than the standard “Original” type cheeseburgers, although that IS my jam.  I can let Phat or Shawn try those and I’ll try something slightly different or very different on the menus.  Between the three of us, we can tell you about many more burgers, in case you are on the fence about trying something different.  The Just Thai It Burger is just that.  I absolutely love Thai food. I cook a few Thai dishes at home.  This should be on your list to try.  I’m going to start with what hits you right away, the Thai peanut sauce.  It’s fantastic and there’s a generous amount poured on for you.  The beef, a custom angus blend, is cooked to temp, has a great char on it, some juiciness, and was seasoned pretty well.  I went Tall on this one (two patties) as I always do, but I think you’d be ok with a Short (one patty).

The smokehouse bacon is thick and really good.  Their chili sauce sweetens things a little.  Fresh cilantro, a couple slices of red onion, and that fantastic Thai Peanut sauce finish things up.  The bun is standard brioche.  It flattens out a little and the bottom bun got a little wet, but overall it was fine.  This burger is not hot.  Minnesotans can definitely handle it.  It’s a nice change if you are looking for something a little different.

There are so many taps of craft beers, wines and specialty drinks.  There are also some great apps I want to tell you about, but don’t have the space.  I will expand on everything on my website later today. (Link in Bio). Please check out all of our posts and instastories for a lot more information.

Cindy, you are awesome!  Thanks for the tour and your time.  Thank you, Katie, you rock too!

The building is super cool.  It has an elevated taproom that houses all of the kegs.  It has a cool patio with a large fireplace and it’s named Elvis.  On the 2nd floor there is one table overlooking the restaurant and if you go outside there is a catwalk leading out to a big, long table overlooking the patio.  It would be perfect for a group outing.

Beers on tap = I was told there are around 64. There is also wine and a few specialty cocktails on tap.

French Fries – Very good!  They have 6 different one’s to choose from and the dipping sauces are great.

Maple & Bacon Sweet Potato Fries – Outstanding!  The maple bacon glaze on these takes them to another level and the maple sriracha dipping sauce is the perfect match.

Poutine – Fantastic!  No gravy skimping going on here.  Tons of gravy, topped with smoked beef brisket and smoked bacon with white cheddar cheese curds.

Bacon & Gouda Dippers – Very good and unique.

Cheese Burger Pizza – Fantastic!  The flavor of the special sauce that is the base is fantastic.  I loved the chopped pickle chunks.

Dessert Shots – Delicious!