4.0 out of 5.0 stars

This place may fit into your definition of a dive-bar in the most loving way.  The Bloomington locals know they’ve got something special.  For me, it’s a great lunch spot.

They have different weekly burgers from the Bourbon burger to the Ballpark burger, but a great place to start is with their signature Shanty burger.

The beef is a third pound fresh angus and has that great flattop sear to it.  It was cooked to my medium preference and was pretty juicy.  They throw on two different cheeses, cheddar and Swiss, melted nicely.  Next, they top that with some guacamole.  Normally, I’m not going to throw guacamole on my burger, but it worked fine.

Two strips of perfectly cooked applewood-smoked bacon are what I was looking for.  I also opted to add some fried onions and was glad I did.  They were fried perfectly and were delicious and plentiful.  The bun was buttered, toasted and works very well.

Bloomington’s dive-bar gem is worth your time.  It’s a really good burger!

Keep an eye out for their weekly burgers on Facebook.  They’ve got some good ones!

Fries – Good.