4.0 out of 5.0 stars

TCBurgerBlog has made it to 50 reviews!  Eater Minneapolis puts this burger on their “Every Burger in the Twin Cities You Need to Know About” list.  There are some heavy hitters on that list.  This is a unique burger you should try.  The chef mixes cheese curds and butter into the beef patty.  The patty has a great char to it from the grill.  What gives this burger a very distinct taste is the Uncle Pete’s mustard which I understand is made in Minnesota.  Lettuce and mayo add to the whole flavor of the burger and the soft, lightly toasted onion bun works beautifully.  This is a really good burger!  Before you head out the door, make sure it is Monday and it is 4:00pm.  Monday is the only day you can get this delicious burger.

One last Sandcastle pic and thought. If you are around Lake Nokomis, definitely stop in and try the Curdburger at Sandcastle on Mondays. If you do not like honey mustard, you may want to turn in to Matt’s Bar or 5-8 Club before you get there, depending on what direction you’re coming from. The view is better looking over the lake though.

French Fries – Terrible!

Tater Tots – they are Tots.