4.0 out of 5.0 stars

There were two points we wanted to make on our latest #tcburgernight.  @phatphood, @shawnsrodgers & myself, wanted to emphasize the importance of keeping your favorite restaurants in your dining rotation, the places that have been around a while.  They still need our business.  The second thing we wanted to do is revisit our Top 10 list and make sure the burgers that have been on that list for a long time, should still be there.

If you ask people what their favorite burgers are in the Twin Cities, this one will be mentioned frequently.  The last time I had the cheeseburger was curbside to go, back when things were shutdown.  I went a couple of times.  To go containers can certainly have a negative effect on your food, and I think it did with this cheeseburger.  The cheese solidified before I got a chance to eat it and for some reason, there were whole cornichons below the patties.  Strange, but it was like that both times.  I finally got a chance to get back inside and enjoy this burger, hot off the grill.

The American cheese sauce is the star.  It might be the best tasting cheese out there.  The cheese on my burger was mostly on one side, leaving 1/2 of the burger mostly without it.  Of course I wanted more of this delicious house made cheese sauce.  The bun, from @franklinstreetbakery is soft, nicely toasted and wonderful.  One note about burger buns.  I’m seeing a few places grilling the top of the bun.  Why?  I’m told it gives it a little character and it can help warm up the bun all the way through.  I suppose it’s fine, but I’m good with lightly toasting the bottom of the bun and letting my hand feel the softness of the top bun.

The two beef patties certainly were well seasoned and had a good char, but I thought mine were over cooked.  The juiciness just wasn’t there.  Cook the patties less, give me a little more cheese sauce to cover all of the patties, and we are looking real good.  This is a good burger.  It should be a great burger.

The bologna sandwich is delicious. The Tres Leches is incredible.