5.0 out of 5.0 stars

We all know the heavyweights of the double smashburger world over the last few years.  Ever since I first experienced it back in late 2015, the Cheeseburger at Saint Dinette was always a fixture in my Top 10.

Sustaining excellence over a long period of time is not an easy thing.  In fact, the last few times I had the Cheeseburger, it just wasn’t at the level I thought it should be at, which is fantastic.  It was good, but I needed great.  There were some changes over the last year or so at the restaurant, and I was told a refocus on consistency and greatness has been made to make sure the Saint Dinette Cheeseburger is mentioned as one of the Best Burgers in the Twin Cities.

This burger puts the Cheese in Cheeseburger.  Possibly the best American cheese you will ever have.  It’s house made, champagne infused, has a wonderful thickness and saltiness to it.  Elite is the word.  The beef is a wagyu/butter blend in two 3 1/2 ounce patties.  They were seasoned nicely and juicy.  The Franklin Street Bakery bun was soft and perfectly toasted.  I enjoyed the heck out of this cheeseburger.  For me, it’s back to its heavyweight status!