5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Every once in a while you come across a place that blows your doors off.  ROK Eatery is the most recent place to do that for me.  A farm to table type restaurant, with Chefs that love to forage from Mother Earth to create amazingly, flavorful dishes.  The focus is on Japanese and Nordic style quisine.  Chef Adam Prince told us they are not a burger place and have no intention to be one.  My question to that statement was, “then why did you create such an amazing burger?” @shawnsrodgers, @phatphood and myself decided to take a flyer and give this place and their burger a try.  Little did we know what was waiting for us on this #TCBurgerNight.

Chef Adam wanted to create a fairly simple burger.  Easy to eat and flavorful.  He nailed it.

The beef is elite.  Dry aged beef from @petersoncraftmeats.  Seasoned beautifully, juicy and flavorful.  The juices will be dripping down you hand.  The single patty is a 1/3 pound.  As I did, you might wonder about the beef to bun ratio.  Don’t.  It’s perfect.  The brioche bun sizes up beautifully with that size patty.  The bun is beautiful toasted and it gets a little kiss of smoked salt on the very top of the bun while it’s getting some grill marks.  It has a buttery feel.  After you touch the bun, lick your fingers and taste the delicious salt.

The cheese.  It’s amazing.  You’ll see Swiss Raclette on very few burgers if any, but you will here, and it’s fantastic.  It melts so well and is so creamy and has that nutty taste.  The cheese will just keep coming at you.  The pink peppercorn aioli will dazzle you and you’ll get it on both top and bottom buns.  Thinly sliced caraway pickles line the bottom bun.  They are so tasty.  You are going to love this burger!  I say it a lot.  This burger feels good in your hand.  After that first bite, you’ll say, “what is that flavor that’s hitting me.”

Thank you to owners, Chef Adam and Travis and Sous Chef, Ryan @mot_lee for telling us all about the restaurant and the menu.

Look for the iconic Schmidt’s smokestack.  It will lead you to burger nirvana!