4.5 out of 5.0 stars

This was Rock Elm Tavern’s burger entry into the 2017 Twin Cities Burger Battle and it was a very good one!  What is Deer Creek TAV 17 Cheddar Cheese?  It’s Deer Creek’s own blend of tangy, nutty, perfectly melted deliciousness!  This cheese will be the first thing you notice.  The beef was super juicy, had a nice char to it and was cooked exactly the way I wanted it.  The candied bacon had a little sweetness to it and was perfectly cooked.  Just enough roasted garlic aioli to notice, fresh arugula and a bun that is super soft and totally what I want in a bun.  My signature saying holds true.  I really like this burger!

Fries – Good
Housemade Tater Tots – Fantastic!