4.0 out of 5.0 stars

The restaurant community has been devastated by this seemingly, endless lockdown.  This has forced establishments to innovate in order to survive.  Online ordering has been made very easy, new menu items have been created to spark interest along with different incentives to pick up curbside, etc..

Rock Elm Tavern has been offering things like Grill Packs to-go, taking donations to Feed a Health Care Worker, Burger Monday’s, featuring $6 burgers & $7 cheeseburgers.  Most recently they started smoking meats in the parking lot as part of their Smoked Meats to-go offering.  Check out their Instragram pages for all of the details.


This was the first time I had their Double Burger.  Revier Cattle Company beef, seasoned well and had some juiciness to the patties.  White American cheese is a great choice.  They put a few crispy fried onions on top with a slathering of their delicious fancy sauce.  Thin sliced pickles line the bottom bun with some shredded lettuce.  This burger has a pretzel bun which was soft and lightly toasted.  A good pretzel bun.  Get a side of fancy sauce for your burger or fries.

Rock Elm Tavern has locations in Plymouth and Maple Grove.  Order online, pick your time, call when you get there and they will bring it out to you.  You can call to order as well.  You’ve got a bunch of different burger options to choose from.

House made Tots – Fantastic!