4.5 out of 5.0 stars

I’ve had some great luck with food trucks/trailers lately, so when I saw a burger created exclusively for this food truck menu, I couldn’t stay away.

I’m a big fan of Troy Reding’s restaurants, Rock Elm Tavern Rock Elm Grove & Holman’s Table.  Like quite a few other restaurants, they’ve added a food truck to their portfolio.  It’s called The Rock Elm Rig.  Rock Elm Rig.  That’s badass!

Chef Steve Johnson’s Big Rig Burger hits all the right burger notes.  A 1/3 pound, short rib grind, seasoned very nicely and temp’d perfectly on the flattop.  Plenty of White American cheese is melted on top.  Let’s talk onions for a minute.  You know my favorite.  Just grill me up some onions.  Chef does just that.  I told him I really loved grilled onions.  He knew what I meant and threw a ton on for me.  If you want extra grilled onions, tell them you really love grilled onions and see if you get extra.  Let me know.

Thin sliced house-made pickles line the bottom bun with just the right amount of shredded lettuce.  Sauce?  You see a lot of burger sauce on my burger.  It’s a mustard mayo mix with a little Cry Baby Craigs just because, and pickles are blended in as well.  It’s got a nice mustard flavor, but definitely not mustard heavy.  I told Chef I really loved burger sauce too.

The Franklin Street Bakery home style bun is nicely toasted and soft.  This burger is delicious!  It’s only a 1/3 pound burger, but it has a big feel to it.  It’s a little messy.  I loved it!

The Rock Fries are must.  They are the scoop type cut or you might say a potato dipper type cut.  I’m seeing this style at more and more places.

As of right now, you can only get the Big Rig Burger at the food truck.  Check the schedule on Instagram or Facebook.  They will be at Urban Growler every Tuesday for the next 10 weeks.  Stop in for some brew too!

Rock Fries – Fantastic!