5.0 out of 5.0 stars

It’s always nice to be outside enjoying a great meal.  Get to the stunningly beautiful Restoration Hardware building next to Southdale and head to the top floor.  There are two ways to get that outdoor vibe.

The restaurant gives you the feeling you’re outside, with all of the glass surrounding you.  Reserve a spot on their beautiful patio that gives a great view of the area.  The service is excellent.  What about the burger?  It’s excellent as well!

If you’ve been to Au Cheval in Chicago, you’ll have a good idea what this burger is like.  The two thin, custom blended beef patties are juicy and charred nicely.  American cheese engulfs the patties.  Dijonnaise is spread on the top bun along with some thin sliced pickles and a bunch of diced red onions.

One choice that needs to be made is whether to add thick cut pork belly bacon to the burger.  I would say this.  If a burger does not come with bacon, don’t add it.  Bacon is awesome, but it doesn’t always make a burger better.  With all of the elite burgers being created by these great Chefs, throwing bacon into the mix can throw off the balance of the flavors and textures they’ve so brilliantly developed.  Try it first without bacon, as you can add it your next visit.  I think the bacon I added did just this.  It’s great on its own, but get it without bacon first.  The bun was toasted nicely and was pretty soft over all.

It’s a beautiful burger and it’s one of the best in the Twin Cities!