5.0 out of 5.0 stars

My Top 5 Revisited!  Revival is certainly one of my favorite restaurants.  From the delicious Tennessee Hot Chicken to one of the best Mac + Cheeses in the Twin Cities.  But, as you can imagine, it’s their burger that knocks it out of the park!

I went with the double patty this time.  You have the option for a single, double, or a triple patty.  I think you could handle the triple.  I always opt for bacon because it is thick and delicious, but it is optional, and you should try this burger without it as well as with it since bacon can change the overall composition of a burger.  Either way, you’re a winner!

These beef patties are super juicy, super flavorful and super charred.  The American cheese blankets each patty and is oh so satisfying.  I love the b+b pickles.  They are thick, so test them out first.  Mayo is slathered on the top bun and totally works with everything.  The bun is soft, lightly toasted and really good.

If you call this your favorite burger in the Twin Cities, you just might be right.  It is fantastic!

French fries – No fries available.

Mac + Cheese – Fantastic!  Super creamy.  Might be the best in the Twin Cities!

Tennessee Hot Chicken – Delicious!