4.5 out of 5.0 stars

I took a trip out to the west metro a few months ago and found a place I really liked, and also a burger I really liked.  When there was a chance to bring @phatphood & @shawnsrodgers there and have a Twin Cities Burger Night, I was very excited!

Red Rooster makes you feel comfortable.  Just be yourself, that’s all you need to be.  This is what you want a hometown bar to be.  Where do you start?  How about a burger and a beer?  Try a Red Rooster Amber, and for a burger, get the Cheeseburger and make it a Double!  A couple of thin, 1/5 pound patties, juicy, and a little salty.  American cheese is the perfect choice.  Grilled onions, chopped up nicely.  A few thin sliced pickles added to the mix, and a fantastic, Martin’s Potato Roll @potatorolls make this a great cheeseburger.  Once you’ve had this burger, you’ll have a hard time not getting it every time, but bring a friend and try some other items on Chef Tim’s menu, like their oh, so good, walleye sandwich.  Yes, get the burger too.

Chef Tim is excited about their impending kitchen expansion, which will include a lot more space and an Italian wood fired brick oven that is going to kick out some killer pizza.  I can’t wait!

This was a special #TCBurgerNight as myself, Phat & Shawn also had a very fun Burger shoot with @mspmag for a little Burger story in their August Burger issue on newsstands right now.  Pick up a copy.  There is a Burger bracket you’ll be able to vote on and see what burger wins and joins their Burger League of Champions.  You also have a chance to be a guest at a future TC Burger Night.  Check out Phat and Shawn’s posts for that information and much more!  I would love to see you take some pics with Wimpy like we did!

If you haven’t made it out to Long Lake, get it on your calendar.  Red Rooster @redroostermn is waiting.

French fries – Very good!

Walleye Sandwich – Fantastic!

Pork Green Chili – Delicious!

Onion Rings – Thick and Awesome!