4.5 out of 5.0 stars

The gourmet burger.  It can be exotic, have flavors you just don’t find in regular burgers, and it just might get all of the hype.  But, what if I want to strip the burger down to its most basic and delicious form?  In that case, I’m heading to The Red Rooster for their Double Cheeseburger!

Give me your two 1/5 pound, super juicy, slightly salty, flavorful, Minnesota raised, fresh ground beef patties.  Give me the best melting cheese, American cheese, on both patties.  Give me what might be the best burger bun, a potato bun, and you give me the best, a  Martin’s Potato Roll @potatorolls .  You finish off this basic burger creation with thinly sliced pickles and tasty, griddled onions.  This is the burger you want to tell people about.  It’s fantastic!

You can get the single cheeseburger, but get the double.  It’s the perfect beef to bun ratio.  You can get it all day during the week, but not until 2:00pm on the weekends.  They have a Sunday Night Special, their Double Cheeseburger with fries or tater tots for $8.  You won’t need ketchup, but if you’d like it, they have the largest ketchup squeeze bottles I’ve ever seen.

French Fries – Very good!

Pork Green Chili – Very good!