4.5 out of 5.0 stars

I’m sorry Red Cow for not having your Double Barrel Burger last year at one of your restaurants after you won the Twin Cities Burger Battle.  I’ve felt bad about it, but tonight you made me feel good.  Really good!

This cheeseburger belongs in the Big Leagues.  Their special beef blend smashed into two thin patties with a perfect char.  A ton of beautifully melted white American cheese.  Delicious grilled onions, thin sliced pickles, with a tiny little spice to them, tasty special sauce and a very nice lightly toasted, soft, but firm bun.  It’s a great burger!

But wait!  Now take two strips of their mouth watering pork belly that is part of the Royale Burger and add that to the mix.  I know what your thinking, brilliant!  Me too!  It makes this Double a Triple!

Hand-cut Fries – Very good!

Wisconsin Cheese Curds – Very good!