4.0 out of 5.0 stars

I’ll be honest, this was a Wing Stop.  I have heard about their wings for quite a few years and since I’m now on a little kick to hit places that have one specific thing they are known for, I had to stop in.  And since I was there, I thought I might try one of their Signature Burgers!

Everyone talks about Ray J’s Chicken Wings.  The Homestyle and the Drunken Wings were delicious, but I was a little surprised with the Bacon Jam Burger.  It was quite good.  I am a big fan of Bacon Jam.  A lot of people think it can bring too much sweetness to a burger.  Not me!  I love sweet stuff on a burger.  The patty, a 1/2 pound fresh Angus chuck was cooked close enough to my temp.  It had a nice char and was pretty juicy.  At first glance it looks like an enormous melted chunk of Smoked Gouda cheese on top, and there is a lot of the beautifully melted, nutty, creamy cheese, but underneath that tasty cheese is a mound of fantastic, sweet and savory bacon jam.  Give me a soft, toasted bun and I’m good to go.

I enjoyed the sweet, smoky flavor of this burger.  Stop in for the Chicken Wings, but go ahead and order up one of their 10 burgers on the menu.

Dine-in, Curbside or Delivery.  Call for a reservation.  Online ordering is available.

French Fries – Good.

Homestyle Wings – Very good!  Salty and Crispy.

Drunken Wings – Very good!  A sweet blend of sauces.