4.0 out of 5.0 stars

I need a show of hands.  Who likes red wine?  Who likes burgers?  I thought so.  What if I said you could have your red wine and eat it too?  That’s exactly what I’m saying if you stop into Pub 819 in Hopkins.

If it’s Thursday, it’s Twin Cities Burger Night.  The usual cast of characters showed up, @shawnsrodgers, @phatphood & we were happy to have @lizzy_mpls join us.  We knocked on the door of Pub 819 and they let us in for some good food, drinks and of course a few of their tasty burgers were devoured as well.

The beef, a single patty from Prairie Creek Farms was cooked to my temp, seasoned pretty well and just had a good feel and texture to it.  As you can imagine, the flavor profile of this burger is wine, mushrooms and some creamy cheese.  Some really good sautéed mushrooms and onions join the party.  The onions were just how I like them, good sized slices, soft & fleshy.  These top the patty and are drenched in a delicious port wine reduction.  It’s got a great flavor.  The cheese is creamy, earthy, nutty Camembert.  It’s very similar to Brie, but a little more intense flavor.  Great choice!  The bun from Turano Bread was nicely toasted and firm enough to keep everything this burger has in check.

I think they nailed exactly what they were going for with this burger.  It’s really good!

French fries – Very good!

Tachos – Very good!

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Mac & Cheese – Really good!