4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Where do you “Burger” in Richfield?  I’m sure many of you stop into Sandy’s Tavern for their World Famous Sandy’s Olive Burger or one of the many on their menu, and to enjoy the cozy, dive bar atmosphere.  Owners Pejmon Nadimi and Jahn Brink, have a new, more upscale place on 66th & Lyndale called Protagonist Kitchen and Bar that just might interest you.

If they wanted to come out of the gate swinging, they certainly have with their fantastic Smash Burger.  I’m going to go out on a limb and say this will be their most popular item.

If you look at my first picture, what comes to mind?  Yep.  Big Mac.  When you take a bite, you’ll be saying the same thing.  Big Mac!  If you are not a fan of that particular burger, you will be of this one once you take a bite.  This is next level Big Mac.  It takes all the components of that iconic burger and elevates each one to gourmet status.

Starting with two 3 oz. Wagyu ground beef patties from Snake River Farms.  They have a fantastic char, are juicy and seasoned beautifully.  Nicely melted American cheese is the only choice.  The chopped lettuce is fresh and crispy and you get just the right amount.  Under the patties are some dices raw onions.  The bun is a soft brioche bun from Turano Bread.  They give it the perfect toast.

You might see some sauce in the pictures.  You are correct, and I saved it for last.  It’s called fancy sauce and it’s delicious!  It has a nice sweetness to it.  Pejmon says “it has a little sweetness and a bit of acid from the vinegar.” You will get plenty of sauce, which you know makes me happy.  There are also a few tasty, very thinly sliced pickles on the side.  Throw them on if you want to complete the whole gourmet Big Mac experience.

This is a fantastic burger I think you should get on your list.