5.0 out of 5.0 stars

The hottest popup from last summer, as many Twin Cities residents know, was a great story of two life long friends, Brett @bksplinter & Josh @jae_joseph, smashing burgers, just for the love of doing it and to support some great charities. They call themselves @privatesectormedia. My sources told me the lines were long and the burgers were very good. They’ve been showing up at a couple of breweries over the last few months and refining their burger delivery process. @blackstackbrewing has hosted them a couple times and they will be there every Monday for a while. Buy a burger ticket at the bar for a particular time slot and you’ll be called when your burger, single or double, is ready to be devoured. Devoured is what you’ll want to do with this beauty.

@phatphood & @shawnsrodgers said I needed this burger and we made it a #TCBurgerNight.

Two balled up patties, right around 1/4 pound each, mostly a chuck blend, with some butter added. Thinly shaved white onions added on top, then the beef is smashed and then seasoned with an onion salt blend, in a true Oklahoma fried onion style. It’s flipped, American cheese is added and melted perfectly. The patties have a fantastic char on them, they are seasoned well and juicy enough. The onions were a little over charred as a whole, but I don’t mind some char on them.

They slap some delicious special sauce on top and a few very tasty home made sliced pickles. The fresh daily, local bakery bun, is soft and lightly toasted with salted butter. This is a fantastic burger!

Check their Instagram account for details on where and when you will have a chance to get your hands on one of these great burgers. They are at Black Stack Brewing tonight. For a couple more takes on this experience, checkout Phat’s & Shawn’s post.