4.0 out of 5.0 stars

You probably know about a burger joint on the corner of Hamline and Randolph in St. Paul, but if you keep driving West to Snelling Avenue, you’ll see a place you probably have not heard of.  You may want to stop in for a burger.  What’s the saying?  “Try it, you’ll like it”.  I did and I did!

Plums has a bunch of burgers you can choose from or you can build your own.  Start with a single patty or a double patty, or if you’re like me, get the triple, then start picking toppings.  I went with the Plum Burger, which is kind of Big Macish.  It has two 1/4 patties made up of ground beef, ground brisket and angus.  I added a third patty because I could.  I may have stuck with just two patties had I known there was a middle bun.  No worries though.  The beef was pretty flavorful and pretty juicy.  American cheese tops each patty.  A couple of tomatoes, shredded lettuce and red onion slices.  I added fried onions, which were cut into pretty big chunks and grilled nicely.  There is plenty of 1000 island dressing slathered throughout the burger.  The bun was good.  It did get quite messy, especially with the third patty I added, but I just have fun with it.

It’s a pretty darn good burger.  I’ll stop back in for sure.

French fries – Very good!