5.0 out of 5.0 stars

My first love is the almighty Burger, but my second love is Pizza. Crispy crust, sauce it up, throw on as many toppings and as much cheese as possible and cut it in squares or really any way you want to. I’m at a pizza place that moved to a new location about 6 months ago, but only a few doors down from where they came from.

Wait a second, this sounds like a pizza review. Hmmm.. Might not be a bad idea. 😉🍕 But, there is not a burger on the regular menu here. I did find one on their Happy Hour menu that I can talk about. @pigatemyza , which is under the Travail umbrella, offers this cheeseburger as a single or a double patty during Happy Hour, which is 3pm to 6pm, Tues. thru Thurs. and 3pm to 5pm, Fri. thru Sunday. For now at least. The Burger is only $4 for a single patty & $6 for a double patty. Unbelievable!

A simple name, but not a simple taste. This Burger creation will rock you! It’s a special, in-house grind of beef, which comes from @swanson_meats. It is super juicy, seasoned well, cooked pink, and you’ll notice an incredible outdoor grill type char. It’s a heavy char and I love it.

American cheese is nicely melted on both patties. Next, there’s a fantastic sweet chow chow pickle concoction. It’s kind of a pickled relish type topping. The pickles are thin sliced and delicious. Their whole grain type mustard aioli has a great flavor. Finally, their house made bun not only is toasted, but I’d say there’s some char going on with it as well and it certainly works for me. It will squish down as you are holding it some, but it’s a darn good bun!

I’ve said the word a couple times already, but this burger has that grill char feel to it, starting with the bun and continuing with the beef patties. It’s incredibly juicy and flavorful. This is a fantastic burger! It just might make your Top 10!

Little Piggies – Fantastic!
Diana Ross Pizza – Loved it!