5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Pizza.  A staple in most people’s diet?  No doubt.  Answer this question for me.  What pizza places in the Twin Cities have really good burgers?  I can only think of one, and they not only have a a really good burger, they have a great burger!

If you haven’t been to PAMP for a while, they have moved down the block to a new location.  Like so many places, they have transformed their parking lot into a large patio, which they call the Pig-nic Patio.  There is still time to enjoy PAMP outside.

In reference to the name, this burger belongs on Broadway.  It’s a charred delight.  The beef patty is juicy, seasoned well and has that charred feel to it.  You can start with the single for $6, but you can add a second patty for $2.  I’ll take the $8 version every time!

American cheese makes its presence known beautifully.  For the sauce, they have a tasty mustard emulsion, spread generously on the top bun and on the bottom bun.  On top of the patties is chow chow.  I know what your thinking, but it’s simply a pickled relish type creation which includes peppers, onions and pickles.  The bun is perfectly toasted and soft.  They do give the top of the bun a little toasty/grill time.

If anyone asks, tell them you’re going out for pizza, but you and I will know different.

This is a fantastic burger!

Order online for pickup, call or walk up for a patio reservation or order for delivery.  Either way, there is limited time to “spend your nights on Broadway!”.