5.0 out of 5.0 stars

I’ve been on this burger journey for quite a few years now.  Every once in a while I hear someone say, “it’s just a burger”. If they could only have the experience I had at Petite Leon, they’d see things through a whole different lens.

Every once in a while, when the beef patties, the cheese, the onions, the pickles and the bun align, perfection can be achieved.  If you are lucky enough to be at that right place at that right time, magic can happen.

An impromptu #tcburgernight set our sites on another Top 10 burger.  What we saw, was this cheeseburger vault to the Top of our list.

I was first to take a few bites of my burger.  I told @phatphood & @shawnsrodgers that this burger was effin’ amazing!  After they took a couple bites of theirs, they said this just might be the Best Burger in the Twin Cities.

The two 3oz. Peterson Craft Meats patties were seasoned perfectly, had a fantastic char, there was even a little pinkness to them and the juiciness was off the charts.  Delicious and beautifully melted white American cheese drips off the patties.  The onions are uniquely cooked.  Thin sliced, but not flatly cut.  The raw onions are placed on top of each patty right after the initial smash.  They caramelize or I could say, steam, as the beef cooks and then get grilled when the patties are flipped.  You get some onions cooked with a fleshy texture and some that get grilled a little more.  You will get plenty of onions.  I love them.

Thin sliced pickles line the bottom bun and are fantastic.  The Denny’s 5th Avenue Bakery milk bun get its light toasting from a swipe of Duke’s Mayonnaise on the top and bottom buns.  The bun is wonderful.  Chef Jorge Guzman has created, not just a great burger, but a great burger experience.  You may not find a better burger in the Twin Cities!