5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Congratulations to Chef Guzman and his partners at Petite Leon on a successful opening night!  There are so many things to get right that first night.  How do I know it was successful?  I say it all the time, if you have a great burger in this burger town, you WILL be successful.  Let me just say, if the burger is any indication, they will be very, very successful!

@petiteleonmpls’s much anticipated opening seems to have been a hit.  To tell you the truth, my burger expectations were pretty high.  High burger expectations?  Expectations met!

If you were asking what the next great burger in the Twin Cities would be, this double smash beauty is your answer.  Two smashed @petersoncraftmeats patties, super juicy and nicely charred.  A very generous amount of thin shaved raw onions top the patties after that smash and get caramelized after the patties are flipped.  This is definitely of the smashed onion burger style.  There are a lot of onions, which I do love.

You’ll get some different cheese on this burger.  A delicious, creamy queso blanco tops each beef patty.  This cheese will please.  Tasty, sliced pickles line the bottom bun.  @dukes_mayonnaise fans will love that it’s spread on the top and bottom bun and gives them a beautiful toast with perfect crispy edges.  I’m a big fan of the @dennysfifthavebakery bakery milk bun.

The Le Petite Cheeseburger joins the growing list of fantastic burgers in the Twin Cities.  @jorgeguzman1 has a great story of everything he has went through to get to this point of opening his first restaurant.  Check it out on his page.  With all of the restaurant closings we’ve seen in the last few months, it’s great to see one opening.  I’m rooting for Petite Leon!

Frites – Fantastic!  I love the turmeric aioli.

Tarte De Queso – Delicious!