4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Burger hour with @burgeraweek!  I love John’s website and his IG feed.  It was a ton of fun to meet him and talk all things burgers for a few hours.  He’s definitely got burger cred.

We stopped at Peppers & Fries, a @tcburgerbattle participant this year and a previous winner.  I love their Bangkok burger and knew I’d be getting a great burger no matter what I picked.  I’ve heard so many great things about the Pepper’s PB&J, there was no other choice.

Their beef, a 1/3 pound fresh angus patty was juicy and cooked to my pink preference.  The cheddar cheese was melted beautifully and was a great choice.  Two long strips of perfectly cooked bacon criss crossed the top.  Normally you see the cheese melted on the beef patty, but they melted it on top of the bacon.

Now for the PB&J part of the story.  Peanut butter is swiped on the top bun.  I’m always a little worried all I will taste is peanut butter, but there was enough to taste peanut butter, but it did not dominate the burger at all.  In fact, I would have liked a little more. I was really looking forward to tasting their house made pepper jelly, but there really wasn’t very much on top of the bottom bun, so I couldn’t tell you how sweet it was or if it had any kind of a kick to it.  The bun is soft, buttered and toasted perfectly.  Great bun!

This is a very good burger and if they promise to give me a little more peanut butter and a lot more pepper jelly, I’ll come back and have it again. They have a great lineup of burgers.

Hand-Cut Fries – Very good!