3.5 out of 5.0 stars

I love a good bakery as much as anyone.  I grew up in a small town with a great local bakery.  I just loved their glazed donuts and they had the best hamburger and hot dog buns around.  What I love even more is when a bakery adds cafe food and that food is really good!

I basically took a flyer on this one.  What caught my eye was their extensive menu, which includes, burgers, sandwiches, many different kinds of meat and fish, as well as being a full service bakery.  This cafe is more like a restaurant.  I went this the classic Cheese Burger and added a couple things.  The half-pound, 100% angus beef patty, did not hit my desired temp, but was juicy and seasoned enough to pass.  What did stand out was the fantastic, soft, airy, brioche bun and the super creamy, white American cheese.  I added some sweet, tasty, thick cut caramelized onions.  I also added some flavorful bistro sauce.  There are a couple slices of tomato and on the bottom bun, there is some fresh, crunchy chopped lettuce.

This burger is certainly good enough that I will order it again.  Aside from their traditional burger lineup, they have a few, what they call, “Patou Burgers”.  I believe Patou is a French nickname for Patrick’s.  These burgers are served on their fresh baked baguette bread.

Don’t forget to pick up some pastries or baked goods before you leave!

French fries – Good.