5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Where did the double patty, smash style, Chef created burger really start in the Twin Cities?  Most people would agree it was the Parlour burger and most people would also agree it’s the burger most talked about in the Twin Cities.

When a new restaurant is creating their menu and they get to the burger, what burger do they want to emulate?  I think the answer is the Parlour Burger.  It sits on top of the double patty smash burger mountain.

The super flavorful, super charred, super juicy, chuck, ribeye and brisket beef blend is something to behold.  That blend or variations of it are much more common in burgers today.  Parlour perfected it a long time ago.

Their perfectly melted White American cheese joins the beef patty party and also stars in this show.  Delicious, thin sliced dill and vinegar pickles are provided on the side and should be placed on top of everything.  You do have the choice.  The egg bun is soft and perfectly toasted.  One thing you will notice with the bun is that the top of the top bun is toasted on the grill a little bit as well.  @youngchef says it gives the bun a little character and warms it up a little as well.

The Parlour Burger is what other burgers aspire to be.  I’d also like to touch on the consistency you get from all of their venues.  Whether it be at @parlourcocktails, @parlourbarstp, Target Center or their new @parlourfoodtruck, this burger is always fantastic!

Fries – Delicious!  Get the Swiss aioli for dipping.

Mac and Cheese – Delicious!