5.0 out of 5.0 stars

St. Paul just welcomed another heavyweight burger to their city.  I’m so glad they did!  Parlour has joined the ever growing, really good burger options St. Paul offers to us burger lovers.  This was my first visit to the St. Paul location.  I can’t tell you about most of the restaurant since I only made it to a chair in front of the grill.  I can tell you it was great to watch the magic happen right in front of me.

For anyone who has had this burger in Minneapolis, I’m guessing it’s in their Top 5.  I’m thinking after they try it in St. Paul, they’ll feel the same way. 

An incredibly flavorful beef blend of ribeye, chuck and brisket.  This blend separates itself from other burgers.  The patties are placed on the flattop and smashed!  The patties get a super char from the flattop.  Here’s the other thing you need to know.  They sprinkle a generous amount of salt on the beef.  I know you may be tired of me talking about seasoning, but if only one restaurant reads a review of mine and seasons their beef better, it will all be worth it.


White American cheese tops these two beautiful patties.  You get a few really good, thinly sliced house made pickles to put on at your discretion.  All this goes in a soft, nicely toasted egg bun from @franklinstreetbakery .  A while ago, they added the option to add bacon and an egg.  I opted for the bacon.  It was super thick, super wide and just purely delicious!  I highly recommend the bacon.

Thank you Parlour for setting up shop just a couple of blocks from the X.  I love this area of St. Paul!

Fries – These are some of the biggest, fresh cut fries you will ever have, and they are salted and fantastic!

Mac N Cheese – Very good!