5.0 out of 5.0 stars

All good things must come to an end.  Let me tell you why.  Who?  @phatphood, @shawnsrodgers and myself.  What?  Our 100th #tcburgernight.  Where?  Parlour. When?  Last night at the original Minneapolis location.  Why?  All of us wanted to have some fun and talk about the good and great burgers around the Twin Cities Metro area, meet people and hopefully help out the restaurant community in any way we could.  How?  Start a TC Burger Night where all of us meet, enjoy burgers and other items off of different restaurant menus.

This is our 100th Twin Cities Burger Night at our 100th different restaurant.  We wanted to end it at the place where most people would agree, started the Smashburger craze in the Twin Cities, and is regarded by many as one of the best Smashburgers around.  What makes it extra cool is that our special guest is the creator of the Parlour Burger back in 2013, Chef Joe Rolle.  It was great to hear his story.

You know The Burger.  Let’s get deeper.  Two 4 1/2 oz. patties of a brisket, ground chuck & ribeye grind.  A slice of white American cheese covers each patty.  The egg bun is from @franklinstreetbakery.  Thin sliced pickles are at your disposal.

The beef was seasoned perfectly.  I could actually taste some salt.  Wonderful!  The patties were juicy and had a great char.  The cheese was melted beautifully.  The egg bun is fantastic.  A nice toast on it.  The top of the bun gets a little grill time as well to give it some texture.  I’ve had good luck with the The Burger at their other locations, but the original location is just a little better for me.  It still sets the standard by which you are measured.

This is our last TCBurgerNight.  We hope we’ve given you good information over these last 5 years to make your Burger decisions.

Thank you Phat & Shawn.  It’s been an experience that I’ll never forget.