4.5 out of 5.0 stars

We’ve hit a milestone.  Tonight is the 50th Twin Cities Burger Night! #TCBN.  I want to thank @phatphood & @shawnsrodgers for joining this burger journey of mine.  It’s our journey now, and it’s been a fun one so far.  Tonight we are at a beautiful steakhouse called P.S. Steak.  What stands out here is the old steakhouse feel you get in the dining room, but it’s been given a modern and super comfortable remodel.  There is a super cool bar area and a wide open, bright lounge area.  There is also a damn good burger!

The beef is the star.  It’s a blend of their wagyu trimmings, bacon and butter.  You want juicy, this is it.  It has a great char on it and is seasoned aggressively.  I was very impressed.  There are two 5oz. patties, so be prepared to battle a lot of beef.  It’s a win, win situation.  There is a ton of perfectly melted Swiss cheese.  It’s topped with a pickled onion ring.  Why not, it’s a steakhouse.  You get not one, but two delicious sauces on this baby.  Steak sauce goes over the top and kewpie mayo is spread on the bottom bun along with a leaf of lettuce.  You also get a few thinly sliced pickles on the side.  Between the juices from the beef and from the mayo, your plate will have some good drippings on it.  The house-made sesame seed bun is fantastic.  It holds all of that beef, cheese and mayo beautifully.  The bottom bun does its job!  This is a burger you are going to want to experience.

Thanks to our server Emma, @emmalea.mulder .  Her knowledge of the menu is as impressive as her sense of humor.  Thank you, Jess for the great tour of this very impressive restaurant.

The Burger has limited availability during the week.  Check out Shawn and Phat’s posts for a lot more information.

Fries – Very good!

Deviled Eggs – Very good!

Rabbit Porchetta – Very good!

Baked Alaska – Very good!