3.5 out of 5.0 stars

You ever get excited to try a place, but then when you get there, find out it’s closed for a private event?  I’ve had this happen quite a bit, and more often than not, it ends up in disappointment.  I was asked if I had a backup in the area, and I did, but could not remember the name.  I knew where it was though.  I found it and liked it!  Now, when I come back, I’ll know the name.

At this Irish Pub, you can get your Guinness, Harp & Smithwick’s on tap, as well as your fish & chips and corned beef and cabbage, but you might want to check out the burger.  The Dry Aged Steakburger caught my eye.  The single patty, chargrilled beef was seasoned well, hit medium in temp with some pink and had some juiciness to it.  I love bleu cheese, and their smoked bleu cheese was fantastic!  It wasn’t overpowering, but still had plenty of the sharp and salty taste to it.  They throw on a few caramelized onions next and then some sautéed wild mushrooms give it some earthy flavor.  I enjoyed both the texture and flavor of the onions and mushrooms.

On the bottom bun, a delicious, savory and sweet bacon jam is spread on.  It’s fantastic!  The parmesan bun is soft lightly toasted and really good.  A few flavorful pickles are on the side that are great by themselves or on the burger.  This was an enjoyable burger that I would have again.  The other item we had was the Irish poutine.  It’s money!  The fries are very good, the cheese curds were melted perfectly, and the wonderfully salty brown gravy and delicious shredded corned beef make this a must have dish.  This is one of my favorite poutines.

Our server, Chris, was very attentive, outgoing and accommodating.  It was a very good experience.

Fries – Very good!