4.5 out of 5.0 stars

My Saturday was wide open.  What was I going to do?  The plan was to hit a couple of restaurants I’ve never been to before.  Mission partially accomplished!

I had a killer pizza my first stop of the day and had plans to hit another place I had not been to yet, but as I spun the Twin Cities Burger Roulette Wheel, it screeched to a halt on the Dixie Patty Melt at Obb’s.  Once it entered my head, it wouldn’t leave.  I needed it again.

If there is one thing I would like you to try on one of your next burger outings, it’s the Dixie Patty Melt.  It’s a fantastic creation!  The 1/2 pound patty is juicy, seasoned nicely, and beef/bread coverage is really good.  They hit you in the face with their charred jalapeños.  You’ll feel the heat, but you will survive.  Sautéed onions mix in beautifully with the jalapeños.  Two kinds of cheeses, American & pepper jack, are melted perfectly for you.

The charred texture of their thick chipotle bacon is unique and delicious.  There is some special sauce swiped on as well.  All this goodness between 2 slices of nicely toasted dark rye bread.  My craving has been satisfied.  Tag me on your Dixie Patty Melt post.  Also, let me know where your favorite patty melts are.  I think I need a few more in my life.

If I go back, there’s a reason.