4.5 out of 5.0 stars

You may remember @mspmag’s August 2019 Burger Edition. They created a Burger Bracket where the winner was added to their Burger “League of Champions”. One of the first things I did, and you may have as well, was check out the 32 Burger contestants. I was familiar with 31 of the 32. Many of us said about the 32nd entry, “what is this place, why do they belong in this burger bracket?!”. What I need to emphatically tell you is… They belonged in that Burger Bracket!

Controversy. A word you don’t associate with Twin Cities Burger Blog, but I’m going to stir things up right now. Obb’s Dixie Patty is a patty melt. Is a patty melt considered a burger? Is it a sandwich? I’m going to say, it’s a Burger! 🍔

From what I understand, @dearlydara was responsible for Obb’s getting a spot in the Burger Bracket. I’ve read and enjoyed a lot of her burger articles over the years, but if I doubted her about Obb’s, I apologize. Obb’s Dixie Patty is absolutely fantastic!

It’s a 1/2 pound beef patty, juicy, seasoned well and charred beautifully. American & pepper jack cheeses. Perfectly sautéed onions. There are sliced jalapeño peppers, but they aren’t just sliced raw and thrown on, they have a charred taste and feel. The onions & jalapeños are delicious. A couple of chipotle bacon strips top things. There is a thick char on the bacon and it’s super tasty. Their special sauce is the perfect finish. There is no traditional burger bun, but a couple of perfectly toasted slices of dark rye bread provide an awesome little crunch. The Dixie Melt will take you to your happy place.

Obb’s has been doing their thing since 1934. This is the definition of supporting local. I will be back for the Dixie Patty and now am very interested in trying a few other things off their menu. Tag me when you go. I really want to hear what you think. Dine-in or Take out.

Fries – Very good!