4.0 out of 5.0 stars

I have three favorite foods.  Burgers, of course, Pizza and Wings.  As far as drinks go, I’m a beer guy.  Show me a place that prioritizes those four things, and also champions my local Minnesota sports teams, and I’ll keep coming back.  Especially, when it’s located in the south metro.

It’s funny, but what I am thinking about after stopping into Northern Taphouse is how cool I thought it was, how big their booths were and how much I loved their giant, cube sized, beer-battered, aged cheddar filled, signature cheese curds.  As it turns out, I’ve had cheese curds like these twice before, and both were restaurants owned by the Letnes Restaurant Group, which includes Boulder Tap House and Milwaukee Burger Company.  These curds are fantastic!

Let’s talk burger.  I wanted to keep it simple so I ordered The Cheeseburger.  Two 3 oz., Hereford beef patties, cooked to a medium well temp.  They did have a good char on them and were juicy enough for me.  I would have liked more seasoning though.  American cheese is always a great choice.  They throw on a few thick sliced pickles on the bottom bun and give you some of their pretty tasty house burger sauce.  More would have been even better.  Get some more on the side and some of their sriracha aioli to dip your fries into.  The bun, from Mainstreet Bakery was lightly toasted and very good.  Being an onion lover, I like grilled onions on my burger.  I opted to try their Worcestershire red onions.  They may have been too generous with them.  The red onion bite kind of took over a little bit.  They were good, but I will leave those off next time or ask for just a few.  I would like to see a regular white or yellow grilled onion option on the menu.  They do have a build your own burger option, which I always love.

It’s a good burger.  I’ll definitely try another one next time.

Signature Cheese Cheese Curds – Fantastic!

Beer Battered Fries – Very good!

Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich – Good, but not much heat.