4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Great food and great beer?  Sign me up!  This place has award winning beer and I will give my own award to their food as well!  A Triple D episode doesn’t hurt either.

What’s the saying?  “Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em”.  This place certainly does that.  I’m here for the burger, and it’s a good one.

The hand pattied Angus beef was cooked perfectly, passed the juicy test and was seasoned pretty darn well.  It comes with a leaf of bibb type lettuce and a fresh tomato slice.  Mayo is also swiped on the top bun.  The bun is a toasted egg bun from Denny’s 5th Avenue Bakery and it’s great.

Now for the additions.  Listen carefully, please.  You can add a few things if you like, and I liked the cheddar cheese.  It was melted nicely and had that smokey cheddar flavor.  I also added caramelized onions.  I liked my choice.  The last thing I added was their house cured bacon.  This stuff is fantastic!  They give you two big, thick slices.  After you have this bacon, you’ll want to take pounds of it home with you.  Guess what?  You can!  They sell it right there.

I really liked this burger, and there are so many other items on their menu that I want to try, I will be back many times.  I can’t wait to get back and try something new.  Check out their menu online.

If you are headed Southbound, turn that car around and head North, to Northbound Smokehouse & Brewpub!

Hand-cut Fries – Fantastic!  I got a side of garlic aioli and a side of sriracha garlic aioli.  Do it!

Braised Beef Poutine – Delicious!  The fries are fantastic, and then they add smoked white cheddar cheese curds and braised beef gravy.  C’mon, man!  It’s killer!