4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Classic Southern Inspired Cuisine.  Like it?  Love it?  Only have it on vacation?  Always wanted to try it?  How far would you travel to get it?  How about Excelsior?  No more questions!

Owners Shannon & Roger Burks have a cool spot at the corner of Hwy 7 and Hwy 41 in Excelsior, and are serving up Southern classics and putting their own spin on some as well.  Things like Southern Fried Chicken, Fried Green Tomatoes, Collard Greens, Cheese Grits and they even have a Kentucky Hot Brown on the menu, which caught my eye, since I have had the original at the Brown Hotel in Louisville.  Bourbon?  You can get your fix here.  A great list of bourbon, whiskey and scotch on the drink menu.  Southern food and bourbon?  What’s going on here?  Roger’s Dad was from Kentucky.  I get it now.  Don’t worry, there are plenty of menu items you will be familiar with, including some Burgers!

There are two burgers currently on the menu, but there will be a few more added soon due to the popular demand these two have had.  We want even more burger options?  I’m always in agreement with that.  The Great Southern Burger.  The beef is a blend of chuck, brisket & short rib.  It’s a loose patty, which I always like.  It has a nice char on it.  It is seasoned decently, though I always want more.  They nailed my temp as well.  What gives this burger it’s Southern twist is the pimento cheese.  You don’t see it much up here, but it’s everywhere down south.  If you are not very familiar with it, pimento cheese is basically made from sharp cheddar cheese, mayo, seasonings and those little, sweet, cherry peppers you find in olives.  Some recipes call for cream cheese instead of mayo.  Pimento cheese is considered more of a spread type cheese creation.  But on a burger?  Yes, totally works.  I had a ton of it spread on.  I may have gotten some extra put on for this reason.  I was talking with Nikki about the menu and told her I had seen a couple of pictures, but didn’t see a lot of pimento cheese on the patty.  She gave away their secret, which I’m giving to you.  There is an onion ring on top of the patty and the pimento cheese is put in that onion ring.  When you take a bite, and channel your inner mouse, you’ll find the cheese..

A couple thicker strips of nicely cooked bacon.  All on a toasted brioche bun.  I enjoyed it.

Brisket Bark – Melt in your mouth delicious!  Blueberry BBQ sauce is really good.
Fried Wickles Pickles – Fantastic!  Spicy, but sweet!
Fried Green Tomatoes – Very good!
Fresh Biscuits with Honey Butter – Very good!