4.0 out of 5.0 stars

The food scene in Wayzata has exploded recently.  There is something for everyone in this small Twin Cities suburb on beautiful Lake Minnetonka.  As you are coming into downtown Wayzata, one of the first places you will see is the Hotel Landing.  I know, you’re not looking for a place to stay, you are looking for a burger.  Well, there is a restaurant inside this Hotel called ninetwentyfive, and it has the burger you are looking for.

Their signature burger is certainly not your standard cheeseburger.  They put their own spin on it and it works very well.  The beef, cooked nicely to medium, was juicy and flavorful.  The cheese, you don’t see very often, is called Raclette.  It’s a Swiss cheese similar to fondue as we know it.  I like it.  They are very generous with it as well.  They put a really good, bernaise aioli on the top and bottom buns that adds to the overall flavor profile.

Pickled onions lay beneath the patty and a couple of sliced tomatoes as well.  A single leaf of lettuce holds the pickled onions and tomatoes and helps keep all of the juices from soaking the bottom bun.  A very good idea.  The bun was shiny, soft, lightly toasted and good.  It was a little bit bigger than the patty.

What they’ve created is a really good burger.  If Wayzata is your destination, make ninetwentyfive one of your stops!

Hand Cut French Fries – Very good!