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I often ask people what restaurant would you most like to take with you if you were stranded on an island.  Surprise, mine would have to include a burger.  I’ve got a great answer for you.  I wasn’t stranded, but I was on an island, in Minneapolis, and they served me a great burger!

The theme for this night is Burgers and Booze.  I’m with @phatphood and @shawnsrodgers of Twin Cities Burger Night fame, and we are on Nicollet Island at the historic Nicollet Island Inn for their Burgers and Booze event running throughout the month of February.  There are 28 days in February and you get their Nic’s Burger and one of 4 very special drinks for $28.  I’m guessing most of you are like me and don’t know a heck of a lot about what’s out on Nicollet Island.  This would be a great time to check out this beautiful Inn, with its great food, beautiful rooms and great view of the downtown Minneapolis skyline.

The beef is a 1/2 pound of house ground beef tenderloin from Creekstone Farms.  Yes, the tenderloin is where filet mignon comes from.  They char-grill the patty, which gives it that backyard grillin’ feel to it, and will cook it to your desired temp.  It was juicy and flavorful.  Cheddar & Greyere top the patty and a couple slices of bacon.  They make a smoked tomato jam, which is spread on the top bun, and dijon, which is swiped on the bottom bun with some greens.  The Patisserie 46 brioche bun is soft and very lightly toasted.  It’s a great bun!  I’ll be back!

If you’re crossing the Hennepin Ave. Bridge, look off to your right and you’ll see this historic Inn.  At the end of the bridge, take a right and then cross the short bridge over to Nicollet Island.  Something good will be waiting for you inside.

Thank you, Cory for showing us around your beautiful Inn and telling us about the long history of the building.

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French Fries – Very good.