4.5 out of 5.0 stars

It’s Friday night and we are hungry.  Where do we go?  Well, we are in the south metro and I’d like to try a place we’ve never been to.  There’s a place called Porter Creek in Burnsville that’s never been on the radar.  The parking lot is packed and the cars are even on the street behind it.  We go inside and it’s a 55 minute wait.  I say, I don’t want to wait this long.  My wife would usually agree, but she wants to see what everyone is waiting for.  So, after an hour we get a table.  We are starving and a little cranky.  Before I get into any more details, Damn, it was worth the wait!

We ordered quickly and got our food quickly.  Things are looking good.  Why haven’t I seen any posts from this place?  The burger is fantastic!  What hits you first is the smoked paprika aioli.  It’s delicious and they didn’t skimp on it.  The aioli is swiped on the bottom bun and then some peppery arugula gets marinated in it.  Cheddar cheese was also plentiful on top of the patty and it was very good.  It was melted perfectly and was much better than most of the cheddar I experience.  Now, after reading the reviews and people expecting a couple of bacon strips on it, that’s not the case.  It looks like pulled pork, but it’s actually shredded cider braised bacon.  I loved it.  With all of these great flavors going on, you’d think they might be masking the beef, but as I always do, I ate a few chunks of the fresh ground chuck by itself and it was cooked to my medium temp, was juicy, had good flavor and had a soft, looser packed feel to it.  It was good.  No masking going on.  This burger is completed with a fantastic, soft, very lightly toasted potato bun.  I wanted another one.  This is a really good burger!

There was one more item we ordered and it is the perfect compliment to this burger.  Its their Buffalo Mac.  It’s incredible and definitely right there with the best Mac & Cheese I’ve ever had.  It is so creamy and flavorful and has chunks of rotisserie chicken that melt in your mouth.

French Fries – Good.

Buffalo Mac – Incredible!

Banana Ice Cream Cake – Very good!