4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Vietnamese? Yep! Sometimes, even a burger guy wants some Pho. Ngon Bistro gives me exactly what I want. The “Pho Burger”! 😉 🍔

The first thing I want to tell you is that this beef, as well as the burger as a whole, does have a different taste and different flavors going on. I did like it.

The beef, Peterson Limousin beef, has pho broth, bone marrow and garlic scapes (they look like scallions), mixed in. I was a little worried about it being dry, so I asked them if I could get it cooked pink. No problem. They nailed it!

They top the patty with very thin, fried Pho noodles and bean sprouts to make it more “pho-centric”. Their unique “basil-lime-jalapeño aioli” is slathered on the top and bottom buns. It has a really good flavor and I would have liked even more slathering. They get their soft, nicely toasted, brioche bun delivered daily from Trung Nam French Bakery, a block away.

If you want a different burger experience, Ngon Bistro just might be your place.

Ngon Bistro is participating in the Twin Cities Burger Battle again this year and might just have another unique burger creation for us. 😉 I may just hit a few more places that are participating this year before The Battle on May 19th. 🍔

Fresh Cut Fries – Very good!
Crispy Pork Belly – Very good!