4.0 out of 5.0 stars

The Twin Cities Burger Night Crew got to spend some time at the My Burger, Richfield location.  This is a locally owned, family run Burger restaurant with 5 locations around the Twin Cities and more coming.  They are definitely doing something right with their combination of great burgers at great prices.

They’ve got a bunch of burgers you can choose from, but you can also create the exact burger you want.  @phatphood, @shawnsrodgers and myself were able to do just that.  Make sure you check out their creations as well.

If you know me, you know what “My Burger” of choice would be.  The Big Cheese, of course!  Fresh, never frozen Midwest beef.  If you like your patties cooked pink, let them know and they will come as close as they can to it.  The 1/4 pound patties are thinner, which makes that a little more difficult.  Mine were juicy and seasoned well with a nice char on them.  American cheese melts the best.

Next, give me fried onions on top of that.  Now I’d like a couple strips of bacon.  Pepper bacon?  Yes, please.  They usually have a couple different types of bacon to choose from.  I’m a guy who likes My Bacon not too crispy.  I don’t want it to shatter when I bite into it.  My Burger does it My Way.  It’s perfect and delicious!  l love all kinds of pickles.  My Burger gives you the option of dill or sweet pickles.  The bun is from Franklin Street Bakery and is lightly toasted.  It’s a great bun.  The final piece I like is some type of aioli or mayo swiped on the buns.  My Burger has a few choices for you, but my two favorites are sriracha mayo and garlic mayo.  I had them swipe sriracha mayo on the bottom and top buns for me.  It’s so good!

So, what I’m asking you to do is order The Big Cheese.  That’s my Jam!  It’s really good!  Tag me!  I want to see it!

Thanks for having us in, Paul!

Fries – Fantastic!  Especially with the sriracha or garlic mayo!