3.5 out of 5.0 stars

A 2018 TC Burger Battle participant.  Their entry in the Battle, The Flamin’ Bleu-Berry Burger is not on the menu at this time.  I’m hoping it will be at some point, but I kept it simple and tried one of their many burger selections off the menu.  Simple is good!

Located by Canterbury Park in Shakopee, my Muddy Cow visit provided me good beer, a good appetizer and a pretty darn good burger as well.

The beef, a 6oz. patty of fresh ground beef from local area farms.  I made a mistake and did not specify my medium preference, so I was a bit worried.  It was not cooked medium, but was not dry.  I dodged a bullet.  This burger comes with cheddar, I wanted American.  I was not disappointed.  The bacon was cooked the way I like it.  The fried onions were very good, cooked perfectly and in larger chunks, which I like.

Their Cajun mayo is generously swiped across the top bun.  The Cajun mayo had good flavor and enhanced the burger experience.  The bun was very soft and was very lightly toasted.  I liked the bun.

This is just a very solid burger.  I did enjoy it!  I would go back and try another burger off their menu.

Head to Canterbury Park for some “horse” racing, but put your money on the “cow”, the Muddy Cow!

French fries – Good.

Bacon Cheeseburger Egg Rolls – I loved them.  The secret sauce was fantastic!