3.5 out of 5.0 stars

I’ve got a question for you.  You’re visiting a BBQ joint and, of course, you’re having a burger.  Are you like me, and feel compelled to top it with some smoked meat?  I’m pretty sure it’s because I want to try their smoked meats, but, surprise, surprise, the burger comes first.  Well, I’ve done it again and don’t regret it for a minute!

I’ve had plans to stop here twice, but they’ve had private events both times, so I decided to take some coworkers here for lunch.  I have to say, I got coworker of the day.  Their beef is a grind of chuck, flank steak and pork belly.  The two patties didn’t quite get as pink as I wanted, but were not over cooked, they had decent seasoning and had a little juiciness to them as well.  Nicely melted American cheese on each patty, a couple slices of raw onions in between the patties and some pickles on the side.

Now for my additions.  I added some smokey bacon and a couple slices of brisket.  The bun was soft, toasty and good.  This was a nice burger experience.  The brisket was so juicy and melt in your mouth delicious.  That definitely was a great addition and I’ll do it again next time.  They have some different bbq sauces and a bbq ranch you could add if you like.  It got a little messy after a while, but it’s a bbq joint.  I loved it!

If you are looking to cater something delicious, give them a call!

Brisket – Fantastic!

House-cut French Fries – Very good!

Pig Wings – Very good!

Brisket Chili – Very good!

Cheese Curds – Good.