4.0 out of 5.0 stars

It can’t be wrong when it feels so right!  This impressive burger got so much right, I forgot about the wrong.   This was one of those fun burger experiences.

I first saw this on @burgeraweek feed seven months ago.  I thought it looked like a must stop and I definitely think you should stop in for this one!

Two 1/3 poundish grass fed beef patties put this into the “that’s a lot of beef” category.  The answer to the most important question is Yes!  It was very juicy!

American cheese normally tops the patties, but they have this “Red Headed Piper cheese sauce” that I wanted to try.  Red Headed Piper is an Irish Red Ale brewed by Northgate Brewing in Minneapolis.  It was very good and melted well.  I liked that choice. .

Next you’ve got caramelized onions, which were very good.  In between the patties, there is a slice of British bacon.  Think Canadian Bacon.  It was good.

There is some seasoned aioli spread on the bun.  There is also a tomato slice on top of the onions.  Finally, there is this super unique tasting bacon jam.  I can’t really describe it except that it is very distinctive and very good!

The bun was a good, soft, lightly toasted bun.  A solid choice.

So here is where the wrong comes in.  I asked if that Red Headed Piper cheese sauce could be put on top of both patties.  It was only on the top patty.  I was told I could choose either the British bacon or American bacon.  I asked for American, but was given British.  It is supposed to come with lettuce, but there was no lettuce.  Because of all of the juiciness, the bottom bun got very wet, but I can live with that.