5.0 out of 5.0 stars

The 2017 Twin Cities Burger Battle Champion!  They definitely earned it!  I was asking myself, “Is this the Best Burger in the Twin Cities”?  My answer, “It just might be”!  Two quarter pound patties cooked to my medium preference and charred beautifully.  The White American Cheddar Cheese is delicious and oh, so, perfectly melted.  The maple peppered bacon was cooked to my preference and fantastic.  The caramelized onions were flavorful and cooked perfectly.  The dijon aioli and the sliced dill pickles completed the medley of perfection.  Now, the bun.  You know I am hesitant when I see a pretzel bun, but this bun was awesome!  Yes, I said it.  It was the perfect bun for this burger.  Soft, yet firm and lightly toasted.  This burger got messy, but the bun did a great job holding it together.  This is a beautiful bar/restaurant and this is an incredible burger!  I would make this your next Burger stop!

French Fries – Very good.