4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Unfortunately, my duties as a Burger Blogger do not allow me to get back to places, where I’ve had good burgers, very often.  Case in point, the last time I stopped into this Irish Pub was right after they had won the 2017 Twin Cities Burger Battle.  They have a 5 star burger in the Big Stag Burger, but I’m checking out the other burger on their menu.

McKinney Roe is a great place to stop if you are down by US Bank Stadium on the Eastside area of Minneapolis.  This burger could not get any more simpler than it is.  It’s basically meat and bun.  It’s really good meat and a really good bun!  You are going to want to complete it by adding cheese.  The 1/2 pound angus beef patty is juicy, seasoned pretty well and I got it pink.  The egg bun is soft and delicious.  I added white American cheese, and it’s creamy and delicious.  I asked for pickles, but got a pickle spear.  Make sure you specify sliced pickles.  You can make it Cali style if you like as well.  This is another one of those burgers that has a nice, soft feel to it.  It’s a very good burger!

The All American Burger is on the Lunch menu.  You can get it before Vikings games too.

French Fries – Very good!

Smoked Hog Wings – Fantastic!