4.5 out of 5.0 stars

The hottest Bar-B-Que joint in Nashville has one of the hottest burgers in Nashville too!

If you haven’t heard of Martin’s, you will.  They have quite a following and are adding locations to give people what they want, incredible Bar-B-Que and some great burgers as well.

The Brisket Burger is a simple work of art.  A custom ground beef patty that is charred, juicy and delicious.  Melted American cheese covers the patty.  Next is the magical part.  Melt in your mouth smoked brisket tops the beef patty, delicious grilled onions on top of that and then an incredibly flavorful Sweet Dixie BBQ Sauce is nicely drizzled over everything.

The bun is simple, but toasted nicely and perfect for this burger.  There are a lot of flavors coming together on this creation.  It’s not a big burger.  I finished it and immediately wanted another one.

Burger purists may have an issue with this burger, not me! 😋

French Fries – Very good!

Slaw – Very good!