4.5 out of 5.0 stars

I’m calling this latest mission that I’m on with #tcburgernight alums, @shawnsrodgers & @phatphood, “Are the Greats still Great?”.  Are the burgers that have been a fixture on our Top 10’s, still worthy of that lofty position?

The fact is, things can change over time.  Where restaurants get their supplies can change.  Beef providers, bun providers, quality of ingredients.  What happens if a Chef that created a great burger leaves?  What is that burger like a year later?  These are all factors that can determine if a great burger stays great.  When was the last time you had that great burger?  I promote good burgers for the restaurant community, but I also have a responsibility to tell you if anything changes.

The name has changed from the Double Cheeseburger to the Martina Burger, but what hasn’t changed is that it is a fantastic burger.  The American cheese melts beautifully into the beef patties.  The bun is soft and beautifully toasted.  The bun is slightly larger than the patties.  No worries.  The two beef patties are seasoned nicely and have a good char around the edges.  I didn’t get a whole lot of juiciness out of the beef patties, but I did from the melted cheese.  I would like a little more cheese like this burger had back in 2017 & 2018.  I liked the small amount of thin sliced, red onions between the patties.  Good, thick pickles on the side.

It’s a delicious burger, but is it Top 10 burger?  It has dropped a few places on my list.  Check out www.tcburgerblog.com to see where it falls.  Check out Shawn’s and Phat’s posts and stories.  There will be more Top 10 burger visits.

Potato Churros – Incredible!  Might be my favorite side dish of all time!  The spicy mayo is fantastic!