5.0 out of 5.0 stars

My Top 5 Revisited!  Martina has been on most people’s best restaurant list since it opened, and a favorite brunch spot since they added brunch on the weekends.  If you haven’t visited Martina yet for brunch, clear your weekend calendar and pay them a visit.

Why?  What should I have?  Oh, how about the Best Burger in the Twin Cities?  Interested?

There are so many incredible burgers in the Twin Cities, so it’s almost impossible to pick one as the best, but someone has to.  I’ve completed my Top 5 revisit and I think they all still deserve to be there.

This burger gives you two thin patties of loose beef, incredible flavor, ultra juicy, seasoned perfectly and charred so well.  The beautifully melted and plentiful American cheese grabs a hold of you and doesn’t let go.  The bun is a thing of beauty, firm enough, soft enough, lightly toasted with that soft little crunch.

That’s really all you need to crown this baby, but a thin slice of red onion is a nice addition.  On the side, you get a few delicious thick sliced pickles, lettuce and tomato.  You can add one or all of them at your desire.  I keep it like it’s served, meat, cheese, onion and bun.  I add a pickle after a few bites.

Again, I know a lot of you have had this masterful creation, but since it is available only for weekend brunch, there has to be a lot of you who have not.  We need to change that!

This burger is incredible!  It will keep you up at night thinking about it.

French Fries – No fries available.

Potato Churros – Incredible!  These will make you forget you can’t get fries!