5.0 out of 5.0 stars

A burger like this doesn’t come along very often.  When it does, you enjoy the heck out of it and then you praise the one who put it on your plate!

Considering Chef Joe Rolle is the burger mastermind behind the Parlour Burger and the Burger 2.0 that was Il Foro, we shouldn’t be surprised that this burger is elite as well, we should just be very thankful!

What can I say about this burger?  Perfect simplicity!  Beef, Cheese and bun.  The double patties are loose, have the perfect char, are juicy and you really notice how much incredible flavor they have.

The cheese is a show stopper.  Bright, gooey, delicious and totally covers both patties.  This cheese is also elite!  The slice of red onion is a nice touch thrown in as well.

The bun is perfect.  Firm, but soft and toasty, with that perfect crunch around the outside of it.  Five stars all across the board on this beautiful creation.

This just might be the best burger in the Twin Cities!  In case you couldn’t tell, I absolutely loved this burger!

Note:  Currently, this burger is only available for Brunch on the weekends.  I’m hoping one day it gets expanded to the dinner menu.  A burger like this needs to be celebrated every day of the week!

Fries – None.

Potato Churros – Absolutely delicious.  Get these!